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Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates

Surgery and Anesthesia have long been safely delivered in the confines of the doctor's own office. Many surgical procedures may be effectively performed in your doctor's office, with the results equal to or better than those achieved in the hospital. Your anesthesia will be performed by an Anesthesiologist, a doctor with years of specialized training. You will receive one-on-one individualized care and be carefully monitored throughout the procedure.

Electing to have your surgery done in the office allows for treatment in surroundings familiar to your doctor. Scheduling of the operation can be accomplished without having to work around a hospital's busy schedule. Instead of the inconvenience of an overnight or all day stay in the hospital, you will be permitted to leave shortly after the procedure is completed. Thus, office anesthesia and surgery allow you to recover comfortably in your own home.

The anesthetic or sedation that you receive is determined by the type of surgery, your health, and often a patient's request. It may range from a relaxing "twilight sedation" to being completely asleep. It eliminates the fear and nervousness associated with the surgical procedure, while keeping memory recall to an absolute minimum.